People often describe me as personable, genuine, and unflappable.

I like to think of myself as a philosopher, teacher, strategist, inventor, and mostly a person that loves a challenge, embraces good change, with an insatiable desire to make things happen, motivate others, and get things done.

Over the past 18 years I have been leading projects as an Agile/Lean coach, mentor and Scrum Master. The majority of my work has centered on the assessment and transition of medium to large organizations from broken, waterfall-based methodologies to embracing Agile and Lean philosophy and developing functional teams, scaling agile practices across the enterprise. I have also built and led agile-based professional services organizations, serving a wide variety of technical initiatives in multiple industries.


Agile/Lean/Scrum Coach and Practitioner

Trusted Advisor to Clients

Source/Manage Local & Remote Teams

Internet Architecture & Technologies

Strategic Vision

Automated Trading Systems

2001 - Present

JavaChief, Inc

Chief Technologist

Trusted Advisor providing strategic guidance and assessments of corporate goals, processes and technology. Coach and mentor on process improvement and the implementation of Scrum, Agile and Lean philosophy and methods.

Provide Project Consulting and Professional Services, for the development of enterprise applications and services, at every stage of implementation; including the development of project vision, source and build highly functional teams, institute agile development methodologies, to define enterprise architectures.

2008 - Present


Business Owner & Financial Analyst

Sole proprietor and developer of automated trading systems and publisher of online courseware and coaching programs for traders.

  • Creator of the Apple Auto Trader Alert subscription service with hundreds of traders, analysts and brokers as customers.
  • Creator and publisher of online courses for retail and professional traders, that generates over $100k/year revenue.
  • Produce analytical videos on Apple and the financial industry, feature writer for online financial publications.
1998 - 2001

Sun Microsystems

Chief Architect Professional Services

Oversight and leadership of all professional services engagements. Managed and sourced team of Engagement Managers, Sun Architects, Project Managers, and Engineers for customer engagements.

  • Established architectural competency in the Northeast region
  • Developed and instituted regional engagement process
  • Developed and instituted software development processes based on agile practices
1979 - 1998

See Resume for Historic Positions

Rocket Scientist, Biz Owner, Tech Consultant

1979 - 1982

Northeastern University

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Cooperative Study Program

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master

Jeff Sutherland - instructor

Lean Leadership Institute

Lean Leadership Institute

US Associate

Feb 20th, 2015

What Is Kaizen or Lean Culture?

A Kaizen or Lean Culture is about team-based problem solving, a culture that puts into action a set of core beliefs, that centers around continuous improvement and respect for people. To be successful, a Kaizen Culture must have support from the organization’s leadership. The term Lean is in many ways synonymous with Kaizen, for example… read more

Apr 25th, 2014

iPhone 5 – Why Less is More

The trend towards minimalism started long before Apple (AAPL). Steve Jobs embraced the concept with products like the Mac, and its all-in-one design, or the iPod with its simple, multipurpose click wheel, and the iPhone with its blank glass palette and single home button. The irony, or perhaps oxymoronic assertion, that “less is more” is… read more

Dec 30th, 2013

Value Based Consulting

A commodity-based service is priced to benefit the seller of a service; and a value-based service is priced to benefit the customer. It sounds a bit controversial, but a closer examination will reveal more. Said another way, in order to be competitive, a company that has commodity based service offers that service at the cheapest… read more