Most businesses want a Digital Strategy, but few really understand what it is, never mind how to create one. The first step is to understand your corporate strategy, the second step is to understand that like most strategies, it revolves around a framework, and that framework is comprised of a vision, people and opportunities.

The Framework

Like most things of substance, there are things to accomplish, and processes to follow; but the most important aspect of a solid digital strategy is to measure, evaluate and pivot. embrace change, and on an ever-continuous cycle of improvement. Today’s digital world is changing at an incredible pace, don’t expect that to slow, expect it to accelerate. A plan that can’t evolve, that is static, will fail. The second most important aspect is to be lean and adaptable, all the while building presence.

The process has four steps that circle back in a mobius loop.

  1. Analyze and Design
  2. Create and Launch
  3. Engage and Grow
  4. Measure and Evaluate

Analyze and Design

The first thing you need to do is understand the product or service, and what is it supposed to do. Scope out the playing field, discover the demographics, and break them down into chunks. It’s all about brand recognition, if people don’t know you exist, then everything you do is wasted effort. So, that is the primary focus of this step, to understand the audience, how well they get your thing, how emotionally tied they are to it, and whether they act as an extension of your marketing effort.

Create and Launch

Once you understand your brand power, you need to find the touch points of your customers and how they  are influenced by the brand and what motivates their adoption of your message. From here you can develop a multi-channel plan that prioritizes and groups how you will make connections.

Engage and Grow


Measure and Evaluate


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